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Kanix Elina

sex: female
colour: orange & white
breeder: Mr.J & Mrs.J Blackburn-Bennett & Mr. K S Wilberg
owner: Dragonhunter
* - waiting for approval


CH Kiswahili Martin at Kanix

Chesterhope Let's be Serious at Kanix

AM CH Bee Serious Lord Jim

NZ CH Atsira Never Say Never

Wyndsmoor Gold Lace of Kiswahili

Lynwater Atlantic Crossing of Crookrise

Wyndsmoor Rio Charmed

Ridanflight Ruahine at Kanix

Chesterhope Let's be Serious at Kanix

AM CH Bee Serious Lord Jim

NZ CH Atsira Never say Never

Hawkfield Capsicum at Ridanflight

Hurwyn Black Jack of Shanandi

Pipeaway Phan Tasmah

Here is Elina showing a true and correct 2-beat trot with a correct bend of pastern.

Hmm, how would you call that allure :P

Free stack, wanting to get the roots of the rosebush "someone" dug up earlier...

My beautiful girl in February 2014, 2 years young


Elina looking at her future and reaching for the stars :)

Different approach for different situations. Clever girl :)

Elina in August 2012

Elina "ducking" :)

Here is my English Rose, the apple of my eye, Elina at 6 months, practicing for her show life

And here is Elina acting like a personal heater for italian greyhound Franz.

Puppy Elina discovering the wild nature of Estonia

One tired baby :)

Elinas show career is going uphill:

Speciality show for hunting breeds, Türi, 11.05.2013 - exc1, CQ, BF1, CAC, BOB
The judge, Marianne Holmli, said: excellent type & size, beautiful feminine head, nice pigmenatation, super topline, nice bone & coat, fantastic mover from the side, little loose in front, could have little more coat under.

National show, Rakvere, 21.04.2013 - exc1, BF-1, CAC, BOB, BIG-2
The judge, Annika Ulltveit-Moe, said: good scull, needs slightly more dish & deeper lip, in very good body & muscle condition, good neck, topline & tail, excellent bone & feet, nice temperament, sound mover

National show, Rakvere, 20.04.2013 - exc1, BF-1, CAC, BOB, BIG-2
The judge, Petru Muntean, said: nearly 2 years old, head with good proportions, stop could be a bit more pronounced, correct bite, I would prefer little bit more air under the bitch (more leggy), coat & pigmentation are correct, good movement

Int. show Tallinn Winner 2013, Tallinn, 14.04.2013 - exc1, BF-1, CQ, BOS, CACIB
The judge, Andrew Beare, said: almost 2 years, refined bitch, good head and expression, nice dark eyes, good reach of neck, level topline, good angulation, well bent stifle, straight hocks, dark pigmentation, reaching and driving with power

National show, Ğiauliai, 14.10.2012 - exc1, JUN N
The judge, Vladimir Ãairoviã, said: correct head, good ears set, medium long neck, correct chest, good front, nice topline, good ears carriage, nice back angulation and movement

National show, Valmiera, 13.10.2012
- exc1, JUN CAC, BF1, BOS
The judge, Nikolay Sedykh, said: typey, good temperament, good type, good head, good topline, well presented, free movement

International show "Baltic Winner 2012", Tallinn, 19.08.2012 - exc1, CAC, BOS, CACIB
The judge, Jelena Kruus, said: excellent type young female, feminine, compact body, very pleasing head, nice expression, beautiful neck and topline, moves well

Speciality show for FCI groups 6 and 7, Raplamaa, 17.08.2012 - CAC, BOB, BIG-4
The judge, Aleksandras Kuleğa, said: medium size, typical, elegant young female, proportional, dry head, dark eyes, good pigment, elegant neck, correct angulation, good bones, excellent coat, very smooth movement

National show, Haapsalu, 28.07.2012 - BOB JUN, BOB, BIG-3
The judge, Wim Wellens, said: 14 months, excellent type, size. Very typical in head. Nice soft expression. Typical dish-face. Correct bite. Lovely neck. Very typical top & underline. Correct angulation. Very typical pointing tail. Nice compact feet. Excellent movement with very typical head carriage. "Winner 2012", Tallinn, 03.06.2012
The judge, Aase Jakobsen, said: feminine bitch, feminine type, good neck and shoulder, good body and angulation, good bone and feet, moves well from side but still little loose in front, well presented, nice temperament.


Speciality show for hunting breeds, Türi, 12.05.2012
The judge, Raija Tammelin, said: excellent type, nice proportions, good head proportions, scull should develop a bit more curved and stop should be stronger, nice lip curve, long neck, good topline, enough ribcage for age, sloping croup, thigh should be wider, good bone and angulation, excellent side movement, well carried tail, good coat, lovely temperament

Int. show Tallinn Winner 2012, Tallinn, 15.04.2012 -  BOB JUN, JUN CAC, BOS
The judge, Krystyna Opara, said: female in the middle of development, correct bite, nice pigment, correct top- and underline, front movement tends to single track, correct set of hind feet, very good drive, well carried tail, typical movement, nice temperament

Elina running her way to become EST JUN CH after taking 3 jun CAC in a row

National show, Tallinn, 04.03.2012 - exc1, BOB JUN, JUN CAC, BOB, BIG-2
The judge, Harry Tast, said: 11 month, very feminine and well balanced junior. Correct body proportions and outlines. Well shaped scull. Muzzle could be a bit longer and nose a bit higher. Nice expression. Moves with drive, still loose in front.

National show, Tallinn, 03.03.2012 - exc1, BOB JUN, JUN CAC, BF1, BOB
The judge, Iraida Pirogova, said: correct bite, good height and bones, head of correct form, nice square lips, would like to see more depth of chest, a bit loose in elbows, toeing out a little bit, typical breed specific movement

National show, Narva, 28.01.2012 – BOB Puppy, PP
The judge, Liam Moran, said: 8 month, very nice puppy, correct very nice head, good length of neck, nicely bodied, nicely angulated, very good correct excellent movement, very promising

Christmas show for puppies and veterans, Tallinn, 11.12.2011 - BOB Puppy, PP
The judge, Kalvo Kriisk, said: excellent puppy, breed specific head, beautiful expression, neck of excellent length, correct topline and set of tail, correct front and rear angulation, straight front feet, turns front feet outwards, excellent mover, very well presented, I expect very successful show-career

Thank you Sigurd, Joanne and Steve for this magnificent girl!

Elina, 10 weeks and standing like a true star


First photos of a pointer puppy, soon to be known as Elina