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Azravi´s Dragonhunters Fly by Night

 19.07.2007 - 01.03.2011

Rest in Peace, my sweet boy. You left a hole in my soul and my heart is broken...

sex: male
colour: red
breeder: Beathe K.Schultz & Ivar Aanes, kennel Azravi, Norway
owner: Katrin Raie, kennel Dragonhunter
* waiting for approval

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INT Nordic DC CH KBHW 04-07 SW 08
Jet's Somewhat O'a Stallion
Sobers Tarquin
Telegram Kenny Kiwi
Solstrand Deja Vu D´Sober
Jet's Some Like It Hot
Gulds Dream Dusty
Int CH Nord CH in CH Nord W94
Jet's Headed Like a Snake
Azravi's A Midsummer Night Dream
Int CH Nord CH 
Sobers Cadiac
Sobers Zenith
Hickory's Nautica
Azravi's Follow That Dream
Nord CH NordW98 SW98
Jet's As You Like It
Azravi's Gemme


Here is Eric with Laura, a very talented young photographer and marvellous handler, as you can see for yourselves

Eric and his friend cirneco Enzo listening to storks singing in the swamp.
It IS springtime afterall :)

Boys playing. Not with a stork though :P


Summer is fun. Isn't it?

Here is Eric with my good friend Eve. She helped me out as I was showing my italian greyhound and they got Best In Group 4 ! Thank you, Eve!

Eric has grown a little bit and attended some dogshows with super results:

International show, Tallinn, 13.02.11 - exc1, BM 2, res-CACIB
The judge, Igor Selimovic, said: good size, good proportions, not in optimal condition, good head proportion, good straight back, good angulation, enough balance in side movement, good colour, good temperament

National show, Tallinn, 12.09.2010 - CQ, BM 1, BOB, BIG 3
The judge, Jouko Leiviskä, said: with especially beautiful lines, shown in excellent muscle tone, excellent proportions, beautiful neck, good topline, enough depth of chest, due to a little bit short upper arm the elbows are a little bit open, beautiful head and expresion, enough rear angulation, good rear movement, a little bit loose in the front

Sighthound speciality "Baltic Sighthound 2010", Riga, 01.08.10 - CAC, BM 1, BOS
The judge, Jean Louis Grunheid, said: excellent type, contruction, format, nice head, lacks a bit in scull, excellent eyes, powerful neck, excellent topline, excellent angulation, powerful with bone, muscle, good mover

National show, Haapsalu, 18.07.10 - CQ, BM 1, BOB
The judge, Dimitris Antonopoulos, said: nice male, a bit heavy head, good fron & rear, nice chest, good length of body, moves excellent

International show, Pärnu, 17.07.2010 - CQ, BM 1, BOB, CACIB
The judge, Iren Naarits, said: of good type and proportions, good head, neck and topline, good angulation front and rear, good chest and underline, in good physical shape, free mover, a little bit open in elbows

Sighthound speciality, Riga, 03.10.09 - CAC, BM 2
The judge, Göran Bodegard, said: excellent size, masculine, with good and balanced proportions, rather nice head, a little flat in stop, strong nice neck, could be a little bit softer in flow from neck to back, excellent topline, good layback of shoulder, a bit wider in elbow, very nice underline, good angulation behind, beautiful side action, a little wide in front action, showing his tail a little too high, still a very pleasing sound dog with beautiful bones and muscles

National show, Tallinn, 12.09.09 - CQ, BOB
The judge, Rajko Rotner, said: big, strong, in good condition, enough strong head, exc.chest, front, good movement

National show, Haapsalu, 25.07.09 - CAC, BM 1, BOB
The judge, Branislav Rajic, said: 2 years, exc. size, good balance, very nice colour, correct coat, beautiful masculine head, good neck, topline, angulation, exc.forechest, ribcage, bone, feet, sound movement, due to small ring can not

Speciality show for greyhounds, Helsinki, 19.07.09 - exc 2
The judge, Bitte Ahrens, said: 2 years old male, exc.type, masculine head with good expression, correct bite, good ears and neck, excellent front, beautiful top- and underline, balanced rear angulation, moves beautifully with powerful steps from the side, a little unbalanced coming and going, wonderful muscle condition but a little bit skinny.

National show, Priekuli, 11.07.09 - CAC, BM 1, BOB, BIG-3
The judge, George Kostopoulos, said: masculine also elegant, well bodied and in hard condition, long head and neck, typical topline, developed ribcage, good angulation, bones and feet, fine side movement. little loose in front.

National show, Luige, 05.07.09 - CQ, BM 1, BOB, BIG-3
The judge, Iren Naarits, said: wonderful type and good proportions, masculine male in wonderful muscle condition, masculine head, well set beautiful ears, good neck and topline, balanced angulation front and rear, chest needs time to develope, balanced movement front and rear.

International show, Pärnu, 27.06.09 - CQ, BM 1, BOS, CACIB
The judge, Barbara Ruth Smith, said: masculine and strong male, would like more underjaw, well angulated front and rear, exc.proportions, correct over- and underline, strong mover from all sides

International show, Tallinn, 06. - 07.06.09 - CQ, BM 3, res-CACIB
The judge, Espen Engh, said: 22 months old, sound & functional, could do with a bit more refinement & elegance. Strong head & neck. Very good forechest. Well angulated in both ends. Deep chest. Could be a bit more shapey in body but has very nice proportions. Moves very well, especially from the side.

Sighthound speciality, Tallinn, 14.02.09 - CQ, BM 2
The judge, Per Lundström, said: Excellent type and size and proportions, shows the same silhouette standing and moving, strong well made head, nice rose ears, well angulated in front, nice forechest, excellent body, strong topline and hind quarters, excellent length of bone with nice width , excellently muscled, moves really well from all sides. 

Sighthound speciality, Riga, 07.02.09 - CQ, BM 2
The judge, Unto Timonen, said: strong bone, could have steadier temperament, good head, stylish neck, excellent front & body, a little flat in topline, strong loin & croup, good broad thigh, good muscle condition, well angulated hocks, good side movement, a little swinging in front.

National show, Tartu, 10.01.09 - CQ, BM1, BOB
The judge, Oleg Vasilev, said: with good breed type, big, well balanced male, expressive head, long correctly set neck, high withers, a little bit long in loin, moderate front angulation, excellent rear angulation.

Sighthound speciality , Riga 21.12.08 - CQ, BM1, BOS
The judge, Rudi Brandt, said: strong dog, good size, would like a little more elegance in head, correct eyes, good ears, correct bite, elegant neck, good topline & tailset, excellent angulation in front & rear, good bones & feet, I would like to see him more free in front action, coat in good condition.

International show, Riga 15.-16.11.2008 - CAC, BM 2, res-CACIB
The judge, Espen Engh, said: 15 months old masculine dog, covering plenty of ground. Lovely temperament. Attractive head, still looks very young. Strong neck. Very good front angulation. Deep chest. Attractive proportions. Need to gain weight to cover his hips and to get smoother outline. Sound & stylish mover.

National show, Lagedi 06.09.2008 - BOB JUN, BOB
The judge, Miroslav Zidar, said: 14 months, good developed, very sound. Good pigment. Perfect head. Correct topline. Good angulation. Enough chest. Good moving. Correct teeth.

National show, Haapsalu 19.07.2008 - BOB JUN, JUN CAC, BOB, BIG-4
The judge, Ake Sjöström, said: head with nice lines, his ears could be little bit less erected, very good neckline, strong back, good angulated all over, very good legs & feet, moves with great drive.

International show, Pärnu 26.06.2008 - BOB JUN, JUN CAC, BM-3
The judge, Harto Stockmari, said: exc.type of young male, exc.proportions, good head, exc.bite, good topline, good body for age, good forechest, typically angulated, nice temperament, moves well.


National show, Luige 21.06.2008 - BOB JUN, JUN CAC, BOB, BIG 2
The judge, George Kostopoulos, said: quality young dog, elegant, also well-bodied for age, attractive long head, strong neck, exc.angles, strong bones and feet, exc.spring of ribs, free side movement, needs some time to settle in front

Couldn't resist a little show-off , loudspeakers reccomended  :) 3

International show, Tallinn 08.-10.02.2008 - BOB Puppy, PP, Puppy BIS 4
The judge, Wilfried Peper, said: masculine youngster, excellent head, correct body shape and angulations, excellent feet and proportions, excellent coat, moves well.

Sighthound speciality, Riga 03.02.2008 - BOB Puppy, Puppy BIS 1
The judge, George Kostopoulos said: high quality puppy, masculine, strongly built, well proportioned. Long head and neck, excellent angulation, strong bones and pasterns, good spring of ribs, compact feet, sound mover from all sides

 After I had lost my beloved white greyhound, I contacted his breeders and asked for a new dog. Here he is - the sweetest puppy on earth. Words can't even begin to describe him, so I won't try. I'll just put up some pictures and enjoy living with him. Thank you Beathe and Ivar for letting me have him. He gave me back my smile.


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