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Dragonhunter Tiger Lily

sex: female
colour: blue
owner: Dragonhunter


Fin CH
Necku Best Bet Yet


Artmeis Fly By Night SA CH
CantaLibre Simon Says
Canta Libre Honey I'm Home
Artmeis Little Gem GB CH
Rilloby One Man Band
Artmeis Heaven Sent
Est CH  LV CH  LT CH Fin CH Rus CH   Balt CH*
Bravo Biccolo la Jolla
Est CH  LV CH  LVJUW-98 LVW-98
Barzanas Benefattore
Fin CH SMM-94 
Ciro della Caveja
Fin CH  FinW-96
Capricole Afton Dark
Est CH   EST W-99
Zestella Bravo de Olvi
Gracijs Lori de Klaridad
Certu Rozite

Here are the latest results from dog shows:

Sighthound speciality, Tallinn, 29.06.08 - ex1, BF3
Judge, Gunnar Nyman, said: 4 years, nice size & balance, pretty head & expression, would like slightly less round skull, scissor bite, 1 tooth missing, ok neck, good topline, ok tail length, ok bend of stifle, good underline, nice fill in chest, fine bone, ok feet, nice moving from rear & side, would like more stability in coat.

INT SHOW, Tallinn, 11.02.07 - ex1, BF1, BOB, CAC, CACIB  EST CH
Judge, Steven Seymour, said: excellent type, lovely size, good shape standing & moving, feminine head, eye placement could be better, very good bone & feet, good length of loin, movement was sound and temperament is good.

INT SHOW, Tartu, 05.11.06 - ex2
Judge, Zafra Sirik, said: excellent size, very feminine head, excellent topline and hindquarters, a bit straight and loose in front movement, a bit out of coat.

INT SHOW, Winner 2006, Tallinn, 20.08.06 - ex1, BF2, CAC, res-CACIB
Judge, Iren Naarits, from Estonia said: exc.size, good bone, slightly wide skull, a little bit big eyes, exc.chest and depth of chest, exc.topline, beautifully balanced angulation front and rear, beautiful movement, typical for the breed

INT SHOW, Tartu, Estonia 06.11.2005 - BOB JUN, BF-2
The judge was Lisbeth Mach. Unfortunately she commented in german, so as soon as I get the translation, I'll put it here.

 National show, Keila, Estonia 10.09.2005 - BOB JUN, JUN CAC, JUN CH
The judge, Z.Gajić, said: 14 months old, very nice head & expression, correct eye shape, correct ear set, well developed chest, very nice topline, correct tail set, good front and rear angulation, moves very well, nice female. 

 National show, Viljandi, Estonia 30.07.2005 - ex1, BOS JUN, JUN CAC, BOB, 
Judge, Blaz Kavcic, said: a bitch of ex.type, well developed for her age, good neck, correct topline, chest still needs to develop more depth, good legs and movement

National show, Haapsalu, Estonia 24.07.2005  - BOB JUN, JUN CAC, BOB, Group 4
The judge, Terry Thorn, said: right in size and shape, feminine head, good ears, long neck, good body, chest and ribs, correct topline, rear angulation and tail, very good movement for age 

Sighthound speciality, Riga, Latvia 27.03.2005  - 1/4 Female JUN class
The judge, Eli-Marie Klepp, said: 9 months. Beautiful shape. Well filled out for the age. Very nicely laid back shoulder, very well angulated. Very feminine all over, nice ears, could have a bit more underjaw, well filled out in ribs, a bit unbalanced in front, wide in elbows. Likes to play around. very well standing.

INT show, Tallinn, Estonia 13.02.2005 - Best Puppy and BIS PUPPY 2 
The judge, Nils Molin, said: very promising puppy bitch, good proportions, correct ears and eyes, strong muzzle, beautiful topline, moves very well. 

This is my first puppy, merely 1 day old.

And believe me or not, here is the same "rat" just a few months later...

This young lady is raised entirely on raw food. Raw prey model feeding is her way of life. And trust me, she loves every minute of it...


Kirbik likes to play with her grandfather. In spite of her fierce name, Tiger, she is not winning :)


Usually the cats don't care about her toys. But one has to keep her eyes open, 'cause you never know, you never know...

When it comes to winning at a dog show or enjoying the cup later at home, Kirbik is the right person to lead the way...


Springtime with tulips and warm sunshine is an equivalent of heaven for an italian greyhound :)

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