Italian Greyhounds




In Memoriam









Dragonhunter Riddle of Life
Dragonhunter Mystery of Life
Dragonhunter Enigma of Life

1 + 2


CH Dragonhunter Secret of Pendragon

Est CH  LV CH  LVJUW-98 LVW-98
Barzanas Benefattore

Fin CH SMM-94 
Ciro della Caveja

Fin CH  FinW-96
Capricole Afton Dark

Abolla Lady von Liljenthal

Multi CH multi W
Dogcastle's Unforgettable

Est V CH  Fin CH  DK CH       EST W  Balt W   Nord W
Necku Symphony in Blu

Dragonhunter Tiger Lily

Fin CH
Necku Best Bet Yet

Artmeis Fly By Night

Artmeis Little Gem

Est CH  LV CH  LT CH Fin CH Rus CH   Balt CH*
Bravo Biccolo la Jolla

Est CH  LV CH  LVJUW-98 LVW-98
Barzanas Benefattore

Est CH   EST W-99
Zestella Bravo de Olvi

Oh how sweet and innocent they seem. But take a look at the next 2 photos. Who would have guessed that a real E.T has grown from one of them.


Or is it Sid from Ice Age?

At least it has kind eyes (before it eats you up)

Brother Mummu is deeply embarrassed about his sister Sid...

But enough of that, let's turn back the clock and take a peek what they used to look like

Take a look at the first puppy-video

Puppies at 7 weeks video

Here is the boy. Look at his roman nose :)

And look at him now, all grown up and handsome as can be!


At 7 weeks, the boy has a name of his own:
Dragonhunter Riddle of Life

Mummu has moved to live with his new parents and looks like this:

 Good luck to Anneli & Vahur!

Looking at this photo, I must say "Good luck, Sära!
Grow up fast so the Mummu-monster can't use you as a pillow" :)


This is girl no.1

This young lady is:
Dragonhunter Mystery of Life

And here is Miss Mystery showing the extraordinary elegant "swan neck" style sleeping

She has moved to her new home.  More of her you can see on the photos page of her owner, a wonderful photographer, Karli Saul
Good luck to Inessa & Karli!


This is girl no.2

Could this one be:
Dragonhunter Enigma of Life
Could she?

Here is Lady Enigma with her new owner. Good luck Birgit!

Here is Enigma showing off her brand new collar and leash. Aah, with what grace :)

A real lady knows how to pick her accessoires: the ball simply HAS to match the colour of her eyes :)