Italian Greyhounds




In Memoriam















Barzanas Benefattore
Dino was my first italian greyhound…


Bravo Biccolo la Jolla
Julla is my foundation bitch…


Dragonhunter Tiger Lily
Kirbik is a fine lady from my first litter…






 Dragonhunter It Takes Two to Tango


Bravo Biccolo at Astarta


Dragonhunter Black Prince of Wilde

 Tango is co-owned by Liisa and kennel Dragonhunter


Bibi belongs to my good friend Ave and makes her life interesting...


Cosmo is co-owned by Signe and kennel Dragonhunter  






 Dragonhunter Secret of King Arthur


Dragonhunter Secret of the Rose


Abolla Lady von Liljenthal

 Ärni moved to St.Petersburg, to be loved and spoiled rotten.


Roosi has moved to Finland to kennel Colombian Friends. She is loved and spoiled (as it should be) by her new owner Elin


I adopted Lille after her breeder/owner had died. She has moved to live with Jaak, where she can be the queen she deserves to be  






 Bel Etual Renessans Mon Amour


Dragonhunter Sironas Sky


Dragonhunter Secret of Pendragon

René has moved to Luxemburg after retireing from showing and breeding.


Nelly is my latest love-affair.
Showing the wonderful looks of her father and the most wonderful temperament of her mother.


Tigru is the littermate of Rose and Arthur. He lives in Pärnu and is co-owned by Annamaria and me. He is a real sight for sore eyes.   




Pikkuneitin Champagne Brut


Dragonhunter a Night at the Opera


Dragonhunter a New Shade of Twilight

Eemeli came to us from Finland. His nickname is a synonyme for Dennis-the -menace from a book by A.Lindgren, now when he's a bit older, he is a nice gentleman who knows what makes the world go round :)


Kuti is co-owned by Erika and me. He lives in the beautiful city of Haapsalu by the sea and keeps Roti (another DH iggie) fast and fit. 

  Franz is a small funny guy who got his name after a polar bear who lived in Tallinn Zoo. Not because of his size but the colour of course :)












Dragonhunter Drinking Sapphire Wine


Dragonhunter It's All About Adam


Dragonhunter Night's Master

Bello lives in Sillamäe with his owner Dmitri and another DH iggie Adam. Bello keeps us all on our toes when entering the showring.


Adam has moved to Sillamäe
to live with his relative Bello.
He is a young gentleman only
learning his steps in the world.

  Marcus lives near Adam and Bello and is planning his show career. Besides that, he is just a happy and nice boy.




 Dragonhunter Forever and Ever


Dragonhunter Forever and Always


Necku Dealer's Choice

 Lilli is my new girl. A black one this time


Leo has moved to live together with his older relative Marcus.


Stella is a black hurricane who flew in from Finland. Related to my other iggies but having a full character of her own :P




 Blå Mandag's Golden Cadilack


Dervisch Give Me the Night



 Brandy is a sweet and colourful addition to my pack from Norway


Nighty came to me from Sweden. He is a true knight :)








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