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This flying thing is Nelly at her first show. I've never-ever been embarrassed like this because of any dog, mine or somebody else's. Now, almost a year later, these photos make me laugh. No embarrassment. Really. I mean really really :P

Take a look at Nelly moving

A photo report from our sighthound speciality 29.06.2008 in Tallinn :

National show, Tallinn, 12.09.10 - vg1
The judge, Jouko Leiviskä, said: of high quality, very beautiful lines, excellent proportions, very beautiful neck & topline, good depth of chest, excellent rear, good angulation, beautiful feminine head, very beautiful eyes and expression, coat not in the best possible condition today but sufficient enough, good side movement, but unfortunally very awful when coming, very good because of movement

National show, Haapsalu, 18.07.10 - exc1, CQ, BF 1, BOS
The judge, Lena Stalhandske, said: bitch on the bigger size, fine head, beautiful big eyes, correct ears, correct bite, big teeth, good neck, too flat topline, well angulated, straight front leg, short tail, moves very well

International show, Pärnu, 17.07.10 - exc2, CQ
The judge, Markku mähönen, said: correct proportions and silhouette, long head of correct form, neck could be a little bit longer, excellent roundness of body but today a little bit heavy, excellent angulations, , good coat, very good side movement, a little close when going and a little wide when coming, quality bitch all over but has to loose some weight

National show, Tallinn, 12.09.09 - exc, CQ, BF 4
The judge, Rajko Rotner, said: good size, quality coat, good expression, short compact body, exc.angulation, good mover

Sighthound speciality, Riga, 02.08.09 - exc1, CQ
The judge, Zafra Sirik, said: good size, very elegant, beautiful head type, exc.front and chest, moderate topline, good hind angulation, a bit broken tip of tail, nice colour, moves well, a bit wide in front.

National show, Haapsalu, 25.07.09 - CQ, BF 1, BOB
The judge, Branislav Rajic, said: 2 year old, exc.size and balance, beautiful feminine head, good neck and front, exc.ribcage and feet, correct angulation, quite flat in movement, very low in withers, good coat, nice colour

National show, Priekuli, 11.07.09 - CAC, BF-2
The judge, George Kostopoulos, said: feminine, well bodied, long lean head, fine ears, typical angulation, topline could have more loin rise standing and moving, tail could be longer, sound mover

National show, Luige, 05.07.09 - CQ, BF 1, BOB, BIG-1
The judge, Iren Naarits, said: beautiful size, feminine bitch, feminine head, muzzle could be more filled up, beautiful topline, wonderfully balanced angulation front and rear, beautiful underline, takes beautiful long steps when moving, typical character

International show, Pärnu, 27.06.09 - CAC, BOB, CACIB, BIG-4
The judge, Barbara Ruth Smith, said: 38cm, exc.head and expression, exc.breed type, correct angulation front and rear, crossing over a little in front, moves well from side and back

Sighthound speciality, Riga, 23.05.09 - CAC , BF 2
The judge, André v.d. Broek, said: 2 year old, nicely shaped feminine, lovely type, good proportions. Nicely shaped head with good length. Keen expression. Well set ears. Lovely neck & topline. Right angulation front and rear. Well bodied. Good placed croup & tailset, good knees. From aside - typical movement, a bit broad coming. Coat is not optimal.

Sighthound speciality, Tallinn, 14.02.09 - CQ, BF 2
The judge, Per Lundström, said: beautiful standing and going, excellent head and expression, well chiselled, nicely angulated front, could have a little bit more depth of brisket, beautiful hind quarters with nice proportions between bone parts, moves really well from side, but wide in front.

National show, Tartu, 10.01.09 - CQ, BF 2
The judge, Oleg Vasilev, said: good breed type & size, correct form, excellent head, strong back, spacey ribcage, good balance.

Sighthound speciality, Riga, 21.12.08 - CQ, BF 3
The judge, Rudi Brandt, said: feminine, lovely type, excellent head & expression, correct bite, small ears, excellent neck & topline, typical angulation front & rear, nice underline, moves very beautifully from the side, could be better in front movement, nice temperament, good condition.

National show, Sillamäe, 29.11.08 - CQ, BF 2
The judge, Weremiejezyk-Wierzchowska, said: very nice bitch. proportional. Good head. excellent neck. Good topline and chest. excellent mover and character.

International show, Riga, 15.-16.11.08 - ex1/2
The judge, Espen Engh, said: very attractive bitch of excellent type & quality. Well shaped feminine head. Needs a stronger underjaw. Good neck. Elbows should be closer to body. excellent proportions. Well angulated behind. Coat rather thin, excellent colour. Moves well from beside, but throwing her legs out.

National show, Lagedi, 06.09.08 - BOB JUN, BOB, BIG 2
The judge, Miroslav Zidar, said: enough developed female with perfect head. Correct topline. Good format. Correct front. Good moving. Correct teeth.

International show, Hämeenlinna, Finland, 24.08.08 - CAC, BF 2, res-CACIB
The judge, Martha Heine, said: 15 months, nice type, correct head & eyes & ears, front moving could be better, good neckline, breed typical body, well angulated behind, correct coat & colour, seen from a side is a good mover.

National show, Haapsalu, 19.07.08 - BOB JUN, BOB, BIG 2
The judge, Ake Sjöström, said: female head, but a little bit thin nose, good neck, very good overline & underline, good angulated, very good legs & feet, moves very well.

Sighthound speciality, Tallinn, 29.06.08 - BOB JUN, JUN CAC, BOB, BIS JUN 3, BIS 2
The judge, Gunnar Nyman, said: 14 month, well proportioned, nice head & expression, good eyes & ears, correct bite & neck, good topline, good croup, short in tail, nice underline, good bone & feet, nice sidegait, stable in rear, ok front, good coat.

International show, Pärnu, 28.06.08 - BOB JUN, JUN CAC, BOS
The judge, Harto Stockmari, said: beautiful feminine bitch of exc.type, exc.proportions, beautiful head & expression, good ears, exc.body, fine bone, typical angulation, good coat, nice temperament, moves well from side.

National show, Luige, 21.06.08 - BOB JUN, JUN CAC, BOS
The judge, George Kostopoulos, said: feminine, at good size and substance for age, long head, a bit fine in muzzle, good eyes and ears, smooth topline, sound rear, typical bones and feet, tail could be longer, very good mover for age.

National show, Tartu, 12.01.08 - 1, PP, Best of Breed Puppy
The judge was Tina Permo, and this is what she wrote: lovely head & expression, correct bite, good ears, lovely neck, good body for age, correct tail, well angulated, fine coat, moves a little erratic in front, otherwise ok.

Sighthound speciality, Riga, 14.10.07  - 1/2 baby puppy, PP
Judge Ake Cronander said: exc. type, very good head & expression, good neck, good ears, very good bone & feet, good topline, very good angulation, moves well for her age.

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