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Dragonhunter Drinking Sapphire Wine

sex: male
colour: blue
owner: Dmitri Lett


Pikkuneidin Champagne Brut

Calimero de la Roche Hue

Tanga de Pitchoun Diables
Victoria de la Roche Hue

Abolla Lady von Lampola 

Multi CH multi W
Dogcastle's Unforgettable
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Necku Symphony in Blu

Dragonhunter Sironas Sky

Bel Etual Renessans Mon Amour INT CH Rus CH LT CH
Bel Etual Super Exclusiv
Py's Eventuella

Dragonhunter Tiger Lily

Fin CH
Necku Best Bet Yet
Est CH  LV CH  LT CH Fin CH Rus CH   Balt CH*
Bravo Biccolo la Jolla

Bello winning BIS-3. For a breeder this is a glorious day! I think the owner is not sad also :P

What a nice memory from springtime :)

Is this a talking dog head from a circus? Nope. This is an italian telling everybody he needs a bigger house :)

No matter how many titles, at home Bello is as sweet as any other iggie.

Bello's show career has been a string of beautiful results:

Sighthound speciality show, Tallinn, 01.06.2013 - exc2, BM-4, CQ
The judge, Jarmo Vuorinen, said: excellent type, correct proportions, beautiful long head & neck, correct front & rear angulation, excellent body & topline, correct croup, loose pasterns when moving and a bit big hocks, very good side movement, a bit too straight front action

National show, Kingissepp, 06.04.2013
- exc1, BM-2, RCAC
The judge, Ljubov Nikitina, said: tall, breed specific head, well set neck, a little long in loin, free movement

National show, Narva, 26.01.2013 - exc1, BM-2, CQ
The judge, Malgorzata Wieremijczyk-Wierzchowska, said: masculine boy, very good expression, beautiful head, good neck, very good topline, excellent chest, very well balanced, excellent movement

National show, Narva, 24.11.2012 - exc1, BM-1, BOS
The judge, Galina Pozniakova, said: narrow, dry head, dark eyes, correct set ears, dry elegant neck with goot set, a little bit tall, correct angulation, free and light movement

National show, Rakvere, 20.10.2012 - exc2, BM-2
The judge, Cristian Stefanescu, said: typical expression, medium long body, normally developed chest, typical topline, strong bone, good croup, good set & correct tail, square body,little bit too high on legs, quality coat, good colour

National show, 01.09.2012, Väimela - exc1, BM-1, BOB, BIG-1, BIS-3
The judge, Elmar Lurich, said: scissor bite, very beautiful breed specific head, well set ears, an excellent dog on all accounts, very good movement.
The BIS judge was Leni Finne

Bello winning the group

Bello Best In Show III
Happy, happy, happy :)

Sighthound speciality show, Tallinn, 18.08.2012 - vg
The judge, Kristin Kerem, said: 2,5 year old male of big size, in spite the size very good proportions, breed specific head, dark eyes, scissor bite, neck long enough, withers well marked, enough topline, excellent angulation on both ends, enough depth of chest, moves a bit close when going, excellent movement from side, unfortunately white fur on the neck

Sighthound speciality show, Tallinn, 02.06.2012 - exc1, BM1, BOS
The judge, Lotte Jörgensen, said: nice expression, ears well set on, nice body, good depth of chest, normal angulated fore and behind, moves well, good temperament, well presented.

National show, Narva, 28.04.2012 - exc1, CAC, BM1, BOS
The judge, Nenad Davidovic, said: teeth ok, excellent show condition, very typey head, dark eyes, lovely neck, correct front, typical backline, well moving

National show, Rakvere. 01.04.2012 - very good 2
The judge, Markku Mähönen said: quite big but still elegant, very long head, good neck and topline when standing, a bit flat topline but a good depth of chest, very good angulation and good moves, correct temperament

National show, Rakvere, 31.03.2012 - Good
The judge, Inga Siil, said: overly tall strong masculine male, head could be better: muzzle topline could be straighter and underjaw stronger, correctly shaped and placed ears, correct and well set neck and topline, correct length of croup, correct tail set, chest deep and long enough, coat could be better, moves very well but front steps could be longer.

National show, Narva, 28.01.2012 - exc1, CQ, BM1, BOS
The judge, Otakar Vondroush, said: good form, excellent head, good topline and legs, good angulation, good movement

National show, Kaunas, 22.01.2012 - exc1, BM1,CAC, N
The judge, Piotr Krol, said: height on max.level, elegant, excellent neck, excellent topline, good handling

National show, Daugavpils, 21.01.2012 - exc1, CQ, BM2
The judge, Georgi Hristozov, said: excellent male, excellent head, excellent top and underline, angulation and feet. Excellent movement and character

National show, Tartu, 15.01.2012 - exc1, BM2, CAC
The judge, Marie Petersen, said: male up to size, rose ears, acceptable mouth, good neck, topline, tailset, well developed all over, moves and shows correctly

National show, Tartu, 14.01.2012 - exc1, BM1, CAC, BOB
The judge, Kitty Sjong, said: excellend head, correct bite, good strong teeth, well placed ears and eyes, excellent topline, correct tailset, good underline, bones and feet, moves well

Speciality show for sighthounds, Riga, 03.12.2011 - exc1, BM3, CAC
The judge, Rasma Ergle, said: typey, good proportions, beautiful, long and typey head, correct bite, long and elegant neck, excellent topline, very good angulation, very well developed chest, good quality of coat, good temperament, very good efficient movement

National show, Narva, 26.11.2011 - vg1
The judge, Lidia Repina, said: teeth and bite ok, very big, elegant, big and long head proportional to the body, free mover, a bit nervous, fur and colour ok

International show, Tartu, 05.11.2011 - exc1
The judge, Partha Chatterjee, said: excellent with good head and muzzle, nice eyes and ear set, correctly arched neck, nice shoulder and topline with correct croup and tail set, moved and showed well

National show, Rakvere, 15.10.2011 - exc1, BM1, BOB, BIG-2
The judge, Livija Zizevske, said: upper limit of size, nice head, very good neck, very good strong body, excellent limbs and movement

International show, Tallinn, 21.08.2011 - exc1, BM1, BOB, BIG-4
The judge, Rita Kadike-Skadina, said: elegant male, correct proportions, could be a stronger underjaw, correct topline, could be a littlebit longer tail, well angulated, correct movement, nice temperament

International show, Tallinn, 20.08.2011 - exc1, BM4
The judge, Jelena Kruus, said: excellent type 19 months old male, big, good bones, beautiful head and expression, good ears, eyes and muzzle. Good length of neck, topline and angulations, good ribcage, good mover.

Sometimes it's nice to take a break from all that showbiz and have a nice chill :)

International show, Pärnu, 18.06.2011 - exc1, BOB JUN, JUN CAC, BM2
The judge, Malgorzata Wieremejcsyck, said: a little bit big but extra elegant, very stylish, very elegant, excellent neck, topline, frontchest and chest. Excellent movement and temperament.

National show, Talsi, 07.05.2011 - exc1, BOB JUN, JUN CAC, BM1, BOB
The judge, Zorica Salijevic, said: elegant head, good pigmentation, well developed body for age, correct angulation, good in movement, very nice pigmentation and fur quality, nice temperament

National show, Narva, 23.04.2011 - exc2, BM2
The judge, Maria Carmen Gil Polo, said: little too strong, good head, correct teeth, good topline, excellent angulation, good movement and temperament

National show, Rakvere, 10.04.2011 - exc2, BM2
The judge, Tomasz Borkowski, said: very nice, elegant, proportional, well balanced, little too tall, with good topline, very nice masculine head, little shallow chest not deep enough, nice sternum bone, well ribbed, straight front, well angulated rear,  nice efficient typical movement, beautiful silhouette, friendly temperament, good show condition

National show, Rakvere, 09.04.2011 - exc2, BM2
The judge, Göran Bodegard, said: nice lines & curves, but too weak in underjaw and a little exaggerated foreface, nice neck, typical angulation front & rear, nice underline, good action with enough breed type, little on the tall side


National show, Kingissepp, 02.04.2011 - exc1, JUN CAC, BOB JUN, BOB , BIG-3
The judge, Anna Zherebtsova, said: correct type, on the bigger side, Typical head with powerful muzzle, correct ears, correct angulation.

Sighthound speciality show, Riga, 13.03.11 - exc
The judge, Gyorgy Tesics, said: tall, proportional, excellent sighthound head, scissor bite, well set and carried ears, long neck, very good top- and underline, well set and carried tail, good chest, from side excellent movement, pasterns a bit out, excellent presentation, typical character.

National show, Tallinn, 05.03.11 - exc, JUN CAC, BOB JUN, BOB
The judge, Zorica Salijevic, said: typical head, well developed body, good in movement, nice pigment and temperament, good coat quality

National show, Panevezhis, 20.02.11 - exc, BOB JUN, N JUN
The judge, Boguslawa Polanczyk, said: elegant male, over max size, wonderful head, long neck, correct back, chest should be deeper, wonderful angulation, good movement, wonderful temperament

National show, Valmiera, 19.02.11
- vg
The judge, Sergei Slukin, said: over maximum size, correct lines of head, enough length of neck, sufficient chest and angulation, a bit loose in elbows, sufficient movement.

International show, Tallinn, 13.02.11 - exc, 1/3
The judge, Igor Selimovic, said: good size, good proportion, bit longer head, still good expression, correct topline, front feet bit turned out, good skin, enough balance in side movement, good colour, good movement.

Although the quality of the photo is not the best, it's still worth presenting as here are dogs from 3 different Dragonhunter litters, Bello with Dima, Franz with me and Marcus with Eve.

National show, Kaunas, 22.01.11 - excellent
The judge, Jurate Butkiene, commented in lithuanian, so I'd better not even start to try and translate :)

Here you can see how women train dogs :)

And how they can find most beautiful places to walk their dogs even in a foreign city in the dark :)

Bello and Sveta - aren't they sweet together :)

And men have to do all the hard work...
But with great results, I must say

National show, Tartu, 08.01.11 - JUN CAC, BOB JUN, BOB
The judge, John Wauben, said:10 months, already very nice masculine type of high size but well balanced, masculine head, good scull, nice expression, muzzle needs to develop, good neck, good reasonably rising topline, well angulated, correct bone, good muscle, nice temperament, movement for age OK

Puppy & Veteran Christmas Show, Tallinn, 04.12.10 - BOB Puppy, Very Promising
The judge, Anne Klaas, said: elegant with good size 8 months old puppy, very beautiful head, correctly placed ears, beautiful topline, good depth of chest, very good bones, good muscles, correct temperament, energetic and elegant movement

National show, Sillamäe, 27.11.10 - BOB Puppy, Promotion Price
The judge, Piotr Krol, said: typical, a little bit big, beautiful head, teeth according to standard, excellent ears, beautiful neck, correct body, beautiful movement

International show, Tartu, 06.11.10 - BOB Puppy, Promotion Price
The judge, Pedro Sanches Delerue, said: excellent type, good head, excellent topline, well angulated, good balance & movement

National show, Rakvere, 16.10.10 - BOB Puppy, Promotion Price
The judge, Cristian Stavarache, said: typical, a little high, scissor bite, head with good profile, eyes good colour, ears well set, neck well arched, good topline, fore- and hindquarters well angulated in stand, chest well developed for age, tail well set, good colour coat, good temperament

National show, Väimela, 14.08.10 - BOB Baby, Promotion Price
The judge, Iren Naarits, said: excellent head & expression, beautiful ears, good neck & topline, good angulation front & rear, chest & ribcage need time to develop, beautiful free movement for age 

National show, Viimsi, 31.07.10 - BOB Baby, Promotion Price
The judge, Zoran Brancovich, said:
Medium strong, typical head, good eyes & ears, elegant neck, good top and bottom line, good set tail, enough developed chest, good coat, colour, temperament

A quiet moment at a show is always nice :)

National show, Haapsalu, 18.07.10 - BOS Baby, Promotion Price
The judge, Lena Stalhandske, said: 4 month old pup, beautiful shaped head  & ears, bit flat topline, strong bones, very good coat, lively movement