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Dragonhunter New Shade of Twilight

sex: male
colour: isabella
eyes: clear
knees: 0/0
owner: Dragonhunter


Pikkuneidin Champagne Brut

Calimero de la Roche Hue

Tanga de Pitchoun Diables
Victoria de la Roche Hue

Abolla Lady von Lampola

Multi CH multi W
Dogcastle's Unforgettable
Est V CH  Fin CH  DK CH EST W  Balt W   Nord W
Necku Symphony in Blu

Dragonhunter Tiger Lily


Fin CH
Necku Best Bet Yet
Artmeis Fly By Night
Artmeis Little Gem
Est CH  LV CH  LT CH Fin CH Rus CH   Balt CH*
Bravo Biccolo la Jolla
Est CH  LV CH  LVJUW-98 LVW-98
Barzanas Benefattore
Est CH   EST W-99
Zestella Bravo de Olvi

Franz has started his show career quite nicely:

International show, Tallinn, 20.08.2011 - exc 2, CAC
The judge, Jelena Kruus, said: beautiful type, 22 months old, correct bones, good proportions, good size, type, head, muzzle could be stronger, good neck and topline, today a bit nervous, sufficient ribcage, good hind angulation, moves well, elbows a bit loose, needs ring training

National show, Haapsalu, 23.07.2011 - exc, BM1, CAC, BOB
The judge, Marion Finney, said: nicely balanced dog, good height to length ratio, very pleasing head, good feet and bone, nice body, flat topline, balanced hind angulation, moves very truly

International show, Tallinn, 13.02.11 - exc, 1/2
The judge, Igor Selimovic, said: good size, short, good lines of head, good expression, too level back, good angulation, good skin, good colour, enough balance in side movement

National show, Tallinn, 12.09.10 - exc 1, BOB JUN, BM 2, JUN CAC
The judge, Jouko Leiviskä, said: very good size, very beautiful breed typical lines, excellent neck and topline, very breed typical all over, very beautiful head and expression, excellent rear, excellent angulations, excellent body for age, breed typical movement

Sighthound speciality show, Riga, 01.08.10 - 1/2
The judge, Jean Louis Grünheid, said: excellent type, construction and format, eye &expression, ears, neck, good topline, chest&tail, size, character

National show, Haapsalu, 18.07.10 - BOB Puppy, Promotion Price
The judge, Lena Stalhandske, said: 7 month old pup, good head, beautiful big eyes, excellent ears, correct bite, bit flat topline, good bones, well angulated hindquarters, moves well but flat on his topline

International show, Pärnu, 17.07.10 - BOB Puppy, Promotion Price
The judge, Markku Mähönen, said: correct proportions, overall elegant, long head with good lines, excellent neck, promising body, very good angulations, correct topline when standing, a little flat when moving, very promising movement, good coat, Very promising


A rare moment when the bed is free from other dogs and Franz takes the most of it.

To enjoy the moment as long as possible Franz barks without even standing up.