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Dragonhunter Secret of the Rose

sex: female
colour: grey
eyes & knees checked: clear/ok
owner: Elin Isaksson & Dragonhunter
* - waiting for approval


Est CH  LV CH  LVJUW-98 LVW-98
Barzanas Benefattore
Fin CH SMM-94 
Ciro della Caveja
Billo Della Caveja
Sobers Emperia
Fin CH  FinW-96
Capricole Afton Dark
Fin CH
Sobers Tisoro
Fin CH Fin KVA Fin KVA-R
Taikatytön Illusia
Abolla Lady von Liljenthal Multi CH multi W
Dogcastle's Unforgettable
Dogcastle's So Far So Good
Expo Siluett's Fortuna
Est V CH  Fin CH  DK CH  EST W Balt W   Nord W
Necku Symphony in Blu
Jovani's Roman Soldier CDX
Am CH Sweetfire Serenade D'Rohan

Take a look at Roosi moving 

Here are her show results:

Sighthound speciality, Riga, 03.10.2009 - ex1, CQ, BF-5
The judge, G.Bodegard, said: feminine, excellent size, typical head, gives a somewhat thin & weak impression, has typical lines, could have a bit stronger feet, moves well, a little wide in elbow.

Sighthound speciality, Riga, 07.02.09 - exc1, BF-2
The judge, Unto Timonen, said: lovely outline, beautiful head @expression, well set ears, stylish neck, well angulated front, beautiful body & topline, straight legs & feet, good loin, well angulated hind legs, excellent movement.

Sighthound speciality, Riga, 21.12.08 - exc1, BF-2
The judge, Rudi Brandt, said: very beautiful bitch, exc.head & expression, nice ears, correct bite, lovely neck & topline, exc.angulation, beautiful underline, beautiful coat, could be more thorough in colour, very beautidul movement, bitch with lot of quality.

National show, Haapsalu, 19.07.08 - BF-2, CAC
The judge, Ake Sjoström, said: feminine head, thin nose, little bit round eyes, good neck, strong back, good croup & underline, normally angulated in front and good at hindquarters, you can see the ribs, little bit thin, moves very well.

Sighthound speciality, Tallinn, 27.06.08 - ex1, BF-2
Judge, Gunnar Nyman, said: 23 month, up to size, well balanced, little skinny today, nice parallel head, would like little more underjaw, one tooth missing, correct neck, would like slightly stronger, good topline, nice bend of stifle, ok underline, nice forechest, would like tighter elbows, good bone, ok feet, nice moving in rear, acceptable in front.

International show, Pärnu, 26.06.08 - very good
Judge, Harto Stockmari, said: feminine bitch of very good type, exc.proportions, good head, scissor bite, good neck, could have some more substance, good forechest, lovely fine bone, good angulation behind, little high step in front, moving well behind, nice temperament.

Sighthound speciality, Riga 03.02.08 - ex1/1, CAC
Judge, George Kostopoulos, from Greece said: good size and proportions, average substance, long head, fine ears, muzzle and underjaw could be stronger, typical angulation, feet, topline, long enough tail, moves well from side, could be more positive in front

National show, Tartu, 12.01.08 - ex1, BF 1, CAC, BOB, BIG 2 
Roosi was judged by Tina Permo, a 30 years iggie breeder from Sweden: good head & expression, correct bite, lovely neck & body, correct tail, well- angulated, moves well, needs only stability, good coat.

Helsinki Winner-07, 08.12.07 - ex
Judge, Stephen Wheeler, from Sweden said: nice type to this bitch but would like to see much more condition to her, excellent head & expression, good length of neck, well developed front, very good bend of stifle, nice picture standing & moving

Sighthound speciality, Riga, 14.10.07 - ex1, JUN CAC, BF 2
Judge, Ake Cronander, from Sweden said: exc.type, very good head & expression, very good body, very good angulation, excellent topline, very nice fine bone, moves very well for her age

Sighthound speciality, Riga, 22.07.07 - ex1/3
Judge, Birgit Piesik from Germany, commented in german.

National show, Haapsalu, 21.07.07 - ex1, BF2, JUN CAC
Judge, Fernando Madeira Rodriques, said: very nice expression, good neck, little bit out in elbow, great topline, good rear, moved very well

Sighthound speciality, Tallinn, 02.06.07 - ex1, BF2, JUN CAC
Judge, Eugene Blake, from USA, said: pretty head, good ears, eye expression, neck, shoulders, front assembly, bone, feet, good depth of brisket, good topline, good croup, tail, rear, good mover

INT SHOW, Tallinn 11.02.07 - 1, PP, BOB PUPPY
Judge, Steven Seymour, said: feminine puppy, ideal size, good shape standing & moving, lovely head, excellent bone & feet, good topline and underline, sound mover, good temperament

Not bad at 18 months. No, not bad at all :)

Roosi in Zagreb at Eurodog Show with a class placement. I felt like in the seventh heaven standing there with the old-time European breeders. We got noticed :)))))


Here is Roosi at a sighthound speciality in Tallinn in June 2007.

Just Roosi, a very young Roosi :)

Standing on the stairs, waiting to take a step to the show-world