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Dragonhunter Secret of Pendragon

sex: male
colour: isabella
owner: Annamaria Miglai & Dragonhunter
* - waiting for approval


Est CH  LV CH  LVJUW-98 LVW-98
Barzanas Benefattore
Fin CH SMM-94 
Ciro della Caveja
Billo Della Caveja
Sobers Emperia
Fin CH  FinW-96
Capricole Afton Dark
Fin CH
Sobers Tisoro
Fin CH Fin KVA Fin KVA-R
Taikatytön Illusia
Abolla Lady von Liljenthal Multi CH multi W

Dogcastle's Unforgettable

Dogcastle's So Far So Good
Expo Siluett's Fortuna
Est V CH  Fin CH  DK CH       EST W  Balt W   Nord W
Necku Symphony in Blu
Jovani's Roman Soldier CDX
Am CH Sweetfire Serenade D'Rohan

Aiming to shoot with a deadly weapon - with an italian greyhound.

You mean with me?

I think they were aiming for that Best in Group II placement

Here is Tigru, one of my boys, with his owner, showing off. He's got the material, don't you agree :)

Here are some of his show results:

National show, Kingissepp, Russia, 04.04.2010 - BM 1, CAC, BOB, BIG-1
I will add the critique ASAP

Sighthound speciality, Riga, 20.03.2010 - CQ, BM 1, BOB, BIS-5
The judge, R.Kadike-Skadina, said: nice elegant male, excellent condition, proportions, lovely head & expression, excellent topline & underline, correct tail, very well angulated, excellent movement

Sighthound speciality, Riga, 23.05.09 - CQ, BM 1, BOS
The judge, André v.d.Broek, said: nearly 2 year old male. Nice size & substance. Lovely type. Good proportions. In the head I'd prefer a stronger muzzle. Good teeth, nice expression. Lovely set ears, beautiful neck, topline, nice depth of chest, good ribcage, spring of rib. Well developed hindquarters. Shows very nice type of movement in which he could be a fraction stronger in pasterns.

21.12.08 Sighthound Speciality, Riga, Latvia - CAC, BOB, BIS 3
Judge, Rudi Brandt, said: very high quality, excellent head, correct bite, correct ears, excellent neck & topline, correct dearneck, excellent in front rear angualtion, deep chest, excellent bones, feet, very beautiful movement, shown in lovely condition

15.-16.11.08 International show, Riga, Latvia - Tigru was late for the ring, so he didn't get anything, but a nice evaluation
Judge, Espen Engh, said: 2 year old dog, excellent type & quality but big enough. Masculine head, could have a stronger underjaw. Typical neck & front. Pleasing silhouette, even if it's little longer than ideal. Excellent coat & colour. Moves well from behind & beside.

27.06.08 Sighthound Speciality, Tallinn, Estonia - BM 1, BOS
Judge, Gunnar Nyman, said: 23 months, very well balanced, big, nice head, good plains, little round in scull, correct bite, correct neck with good topline, croup, good chest, good length of leg, nice feet, stable on move, good coat

26.06.08 International show, Pärnu, Estonia - BOB, CACIB, BIG 2
Judge, Harto Stockmari, said: excellent type of male, lovely proportions, good head & bite, good topline, enough substance, typical angulation, good coat, moves well

08.-10.02.08 International show, Tallinn, Estonia BOB, CACIB, BIG 3
Judge Wilfried Peper said: well-balanced masculine youngster, excellent head, correct topline, excellent proportions and feet and chest, lovely coat, excellent mover

 03.02.08 Latvian Sighthound Speciality, Riga, Latvia. - CAC, BOB, BIS 2
Judge George Kostopoulos said: quality young male, well bodied and proportioned, long head to which I would prefer a little stronger muzzle. Fine ears, long neck, typical short loin, sound mover keeping his outline

14.10.07 Latvian Sighthound Speciality, Riga, Latvia  - JUN CAC, BOB JUN, BM2
Judge Ake Cronander said: excellent type, very good head and expression, good ears, very good neck, good topline, slightly too long loin, very good angulation, good bone and feet. Moves well for his age. Best junior.

01.09.07 National show, Lagedi, EstoniaJUN CAC, BOB JUN, BM 1, BIG 1, BIS 3
Judge Candida Pialorsi Falsina said: correct male, correct coat, good height, correct head with correct teeth, eyes and ears, good shoulders, neck, correct topline, croup and tail, good angulation, correct movement

19.08.07 International show, Tallinn, Estonia - JUN CAC, BOB JUN, BM 2, JUN BIS 3
Judge D.Reicher, said: nice sire, very well proportioned, excellent topline in standing and moving, very good angulation in movement, very nice coat, correct bite

30.06.07 International show, Pärnu, Estonia. - JUN CAC, BM 2
Judge J.Kruus said: very good type, good size, correct bones, beautiful head with pleasing expression, correctly set ears, very beautiful neck, good topline, chest well developed for age, sufficient front angulation, good rear angualtion, good tail set and length, good mover, good temperament


Although I'm impressed with his show results, the following photos are those that bring a real big smile to my face, well, to any breeders face I guess :)

and my absolute favourite: