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Dragonhunter a Night at the Opera

sex: male
colour: black
official height in withers: 37,9cm
owner: Erika Laherand & Dragonhunter
*- waiting for approval


Bel Etual Renessans Mon Amour


Bel Etual Super Exclusiv

Rus CH
Petit Amour du Domaine de Chanteloup
Glitsinija Chilite Fey
Py's Eventuella SWE CH  NO CH
Sobers Vivaldo
Sobers Teza

Est CH  LV CH  LT CH Fin CH Rus CH   Balt CH*
Bravo Biccolo la Jolla

Est CH  LV CH  LVJUW-98 LVW-98
Barzanas Benefattore
Fin CH SMM-94
Ciro della Caveja
Fin CH, FinW-96
Capricole Afton Dark
Est CH   EST W-99
Zestella Bravo de Olvi
Gracijs Lori de Klaridad
Certu Rozite

Take a look at the first video

Kuti, intermediate class

Junior Kuti

Puppy Kuti

Kuti has begun his show career:

Sighthound speciality, Riga, 03.10.09 - exc, CQ, BM 4
The judge, Göran Bodegard, said: masculine dog of nice proportions, exc. height on legs, nice head, beautiful topline, breed typical action. Typical angulation in front and rear, a bit weak in front, a little bit exaggerated, nice top and under line, exc. shortness of top line

National show, Tallinn, 12.09.09 - exc, CQ, BM 2
The judge, Rajko Rotner, said: good size, type, quality coat, pigment, exc.angulation, movements

Sighthound speciality, Riga, 02.08.09 - exc, CAC, BM 4
The judge, Zafra Sirik, said: good size, nice masculine head, good topline, good hind angulation, good front, chest. Moves quite sound

National show, Haapsalu, 25.07.09 - CQ, BM 1, BOS
The judge, Branislav Rajic, said: 15 months, exc.size, compact body, good movement, beautiful masculine head, expression, topline, ribcage, good correct feet

National show, Luige, 05.07.09 - CQ, BM 1, BOS
The judge, Iren Naarits, said: masculine male, typey head, correct expression, ears well set, good neck, correct topline, well developed top- and underline for age, balanced angulation, beautiful movement but still a little bit soft in front, good character

International show, Pärnu, 27.06.09 - 0
The judge, Barbara Ruth Smith, said: 40 cm, classic and well balanced head, good expression, balanced angulation front and rear, correct over- and underline, moves well from all sides

International show, Tallinn, 06.-07.06.09 - vg
The judge, Espen Engh, said: quite a nice dog, well proportioned, with substance and elegance, not too big, pleasing head, could have more self-confidence. Quite shapy body. I do not like his colour. It is very uneven & borders by colour. Moves OK from all angles

Sighthound speciality, Riga, 23.05.09 - BOB JUN, CQ, BM 3, JUN BIS 5
The judge, André v.d. Broek, said: 13 months old youngster, lovely type. Good proportions. Very lovely head with good parallel lines. Good teeth. Nice expression. Well set ears. Strong neck & topline, good spring of ribs, right angualtion, good croup & tail set, well muscled hindquarters. Very floating and free movement. Typical colour

National show, Sillamäe, 18.04.09 - BOS JUN, BM 1, JUN CAC, BOS
The judge, Lessi Tchistjakova, said: excellent type and proportions, beautiful head, strong bones, excellent body, correct topline, correct and balanced movement

Sighthound speciality, Tallinn, 14.02.09 - BOS JUN, BM 2, JUN CAC
The judge, Per Lundström, said: excellent type and proportions, shows nice silhouette both standing and moving, well made head, excellent eyes and expression, correct bite, very good topline and underline, excellent hind quarters, excellent muscles, nice bend of stifle with nice width, nicely chiselled, little excited on the move, but when moves, shows nice length of step

 Sighthound Speciality, Riga, 07.02.09 - BOB JUN JUN CAC, BM-1, JUN BIS 4
Judge, Unto Timonen, said: well balanced junior male with beautiful outline, beautiful head & expression, beautiful ears, stylish neck, enough angulation in front, good shape of body, well angulated hind legs, good topline on the move, balanced movement

 National show, Tartu, 10.01.09 - exc1, BOS JUN, BM 2, JUN CAC
Judge, Oleg Vasiljev, said: with good breed type & size, correct form, expressive head, firm back, good angulation front & rear, free mover

 Christmas show for puppies and veterans, Tallinn, 06.12.08 - BOB PUPPY
Judge, Elena Kuleshova, said: typey, a little high on legs, beautiful head with good type, dark expressive eyes, correct bite, correct position of ears, elegant body, typical arch, breed-typical movement

 National show, Sillamäe, 29.11.08 - BOB PUPPY
Judge, Weremiejezyk-Wierzchowska, said: very nice, proportional, a little high on legs, excellent head, neck and topline. Very good in movement. Very nice character

And this is what Kuti thinks :P

Here is Kuti, the Night man. 

Kuti has moved to Haapsalu. Thank you Erika for loving him. This boy will be co-owned by breeder.