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Dragonhunter It's All About Adam
sex: male
colour: blue
owner: Dmitri Lett


Calimero de la Roche Hue

Tanga de Pitchoun Diables

Nedoperpitchoundiables del Discolet
Lady des Pitchoun Diables

Victoria de la Roche Hue

Tootsie de la Roche Hue
Rosine de la Roche Hue

Dragonhunter Secret of the Rose

Est CH  LV CH  LVJUW-98 LVW-98
Barzanas Benefattore

Fin CH SMM-94 
Ciro della Caveja
Fin CH  FinW-96
Capricole Afton Dark

Abolla Lady von Liljenthal

Multi CH multi W
Dogcastle's Unforgettable
Est V CH  Fin CH  DK CH  EST W  Balt W   Nord W
Necku Symphony in Blu

Adam and Bello can share a blanket as well as the table for trophies. They are truly good friends :)

Adam has continued to have a beautiful show career:

Sighthound speciality show, Tallinn, 01.06.2013 - exc2
The judge, Jarmo Vuorinen, said: too long nails, correct proportions, excellent long head, correct neck, straight angulated in front, excellent body, too straight topline both in standing & moving, correct hind angulation, moves wide behind and crossing front feet, ok side movement

National show, Rakvere, 21.04.2013 - exc1, BM-1, CAC, BOB
The judge, Livija Žiževske, said: large but well balanced, nice head, good ears, very good neck, typical topline, correct angulation, excellent movement and temperament

National show, Rakvere, 20.04.2013 - exc1, BM-1, CAC, BOS    EST CH
The judge, Roni Doedjins, said: bigger male, very beautiful in type, beautiful head profile, lovely eye, strong muzzle & bite, lovely neck, a bit level in topline, typical croup & tailset, correct in front & rear angulation, well developed feet, nice depth of brisket, sufficient on the move, very well presented

National show, Kingissepp, 06.04.2013 - vg
The judge, Ljubov Nikitina, said: tall, beautiful long head, good ears, good neck, long in loin, good angulations.

National show, 26.01.2013, Narva - exc1, BM-1, BOB, BIG-1
The judge, Malgorzata Wieremijczyk-Wierzchowska, said: masculine boy, good head, neck, topline and chest, elegant in movement, little bit shy

National show, 08.09.2012, Luige - exc1, BOB JUN, BOB, BIG-2
The judge, Maret Kärdi, wrote a nice and long critique but the handwriting of the steward was unreadable. Will post it as soon as it gets decoded :)

National show, 01.09.2012, Väimela - exc1, BOB JUN, BM-3
The judge, Elmar Lurich, said: scissor bite, very beautiful breed specific head, very well set parallel legs, well set ears, well developed bones, free and elegant movement, silky hair, small white patch on the chest

Sighthound speciality show, Tallinn, 18.08.2012 - vg
The judge, Kristin Kerem, said: young male of big size, correct proportions, breed specific head, the neck could be longer, withers well marked, loin could be shorter, well angulated on both ends, a bit causious in the ring today, moving wide when going, would like to see more muscle condition

Sighthound speciality show, Tallinn, 02.06.2012 - exc1, BOB JUN, BM-3
The judge, Lotte Jörgensen, said: Elegant male, masculine head, good expression, nice earset. Body well developed for age, normal angulated fore and behind, moves well.

National show, Plunge, 19.05.2012 - exc 1, BOB JUN, JN, BOB, BIG-3
The judge, Laima Eidukiene, commented in Lithuanian, so no translation yet.

National show, Kingissepp, 08.04.2012 - exc1, BOB JUN, JUN CAC, BOB, BIG-3
The judge, Natalya E. Sedyh, said: very big, correct form, long dry head, correct ears, correct set of neck, correct movement, well presented.


National show, Tallinn, 03.03.2012 - exc1, JUN CAC, BOB JUN, BOB
The judge, Saija Juutilainen, said: 11 months beautiful junior male, excellent muscular condition, lovely long head, beautiful lines, correct bite, nice eyes and ears, beautiful coat and skin, lovely colour, nice carried tail, moves easily around, bit flat topline, high quality male, super breed type.


National show, Narva, 28.01.2012
- exc1, JUN CAC, BOB JUN, BM3
The judge, Otokar Vondroush, said: good square form, good head, teeth OK, good topline and legs, good angulation, correct movement, needs more ring training

National show, Kaunas, 22.01.2012 - exc2
The judge, Piotr Krol, said: elegant, height on max. level, excellent head, excellent movement, excellent while standing

National show, Daugavpils, 21.01.2012 - exc1, JUN CAC, PP, BM3
The judge, Georgi Hristozov, said: excellent male, excellent head, excellent top and underline, angulation and feet. Excellent movement and character, correct bite

National show, Tartu, 15.01.2012 - exc1, BOB JUN, JUN CAC, BM1, BOS
The judge, Marie Petersen, said: 10 months, correct rose ears, correct bite,  good neck, topline, tailset, very well developed for age, moves and shows very well

Christmas show for puppies and veterans, Tallinn, 11.12.2011 - BOB puppy, PP
The judge, Anne Klaas, said: elegant, harmonically built, head with very good proportions, strong muscular back, strong hind quarters, excellent depth of chest for age, correct temperament, good structure of coat, very well presented, elegant active movement

National show, Narva, 26.11.2011 - BOB puppy, promotion price
The judge, Lidia Repina, said: teeth and bite correct, excellent breed type, elegant, excellent head type, strong back, correct hind quarters, correct angulation, colour ok, free mover

National show, Haapsalu, 23.07.2011 - BOB baby, promotion price
The judge, Marion Finney, said: charming baby pup, correct baby type, movement good for age, good body and feet and bone, moves when he wants to.

Adam is growing up nicely

Adam just one month old

Baby Adam 5 days